TOOREEN Commision is the International Language Commission dealing with the standardization of the Bench National language and TAMD projects (TAMD, "Technical-Mind Projects").

TOOREEN Commission was established in 1999 by the O-CAI Organization and is its common part, providing appropriate decision-making support regarding permits, language development, project acceptance and organized tenders, meetings, conferences, assemblies and other important aspects for the organization.

The Committee consists of 12 people who must simultaneously approve each and every decision. Thanks to this, the slightest doubts are eliminated.

In Our Commission are

  1. 1. Haneela Tohcon (Spokesperson)
  2. 2. Jeny K. G. Fortlan (TAMD Solutions)
  3. 3. Amy Lokmart (Bench National Translator)
  4. 4. Kamila Włodawa-Lińska (Support for the Polish language)
  5. 5. Anna Przybylska (Support for the Polish language)
  6. 6. Loo Koong Pay Shendo (Bench National Translator)
  7. 7. Ggater McNilly (Translator and English support)
  8. 8. Jessie Jeys (Coding solutions)
  9. 9. Katherine Denview (Coding solutions)
  10. 10. Carol Skovid (Recommendation and permits)
  11. 11. Kevin Hayzel (Recommendation and permissions)
  12. 12. Kaho Ckeedggov (President of the Commission)

Our goal

Our goal is primarily:

-> Promotion of technical and mental solutions
-> Coding and technology development:

  • * EC (Estetic Code)
  • * EC CME (Estetic Code without enteryisation)
  • * EC CMS (Estetic Code of Content Management Systems)

-> Issuing permits, permits and approvals
-> Issuing recommendations
-> DBA Database Coordination
-> Coordination of the musical specification "NEZEEA" (formerly: music-hhed)
-> Coordination of projects created on the basis of: "RYYVERCER"
-> Cooperation with partners
-> Issuing resources on a TAYCC license
-> Development of "JetStreight" technology (j8)
-> Bench National - Oficial Language Normalization

Interested persons can write to our e-mail address: tooreen@tooreen.com



  • Jeny K. G. Fortlan

    Creator of TAMD solutions.

  • Haneela Tohcon

    Press spokesperson on language matters.

  • Amy Lokmart

    Official Bench National translator.




Acceptance related to the Bench National language publication.