Amy Lokmart

Translator of the International Language Commission for Bench National
Communication with the translator is via an email address.

Cooperation proposals are also accepted, which we verify based on the usefulness of cooperation for CAI organizations

Amy Lokmart

He is one of the Bench National translators, he mainly translates texts into Polish and English. Together with other translators, he also creates translations for other languages. He officially runs the Dictionary on "Glosbe".
Work is underway to create related sources for publishing materials related to the Bench National language
Contact for partners and entities with a recommendation, the exchange of information does not include the TAYCC license. For other users, the license applies to all channels.


  • Jeny K. G. Fortlan

    Creator of TAMD solutions.

  • Haneela Tohcon

    Press spokesperson on language matters.

  • Amy Lokmart

    Official Bench National translator.




Acceptance related to the Bench National language publication.