TOOREEN Commision officially authorizes activities within the CAI Organization's IT platform.

Some of the permits to perform services or to use these services require a recommendation code. It can be obtained in two ways:
* Fee for issuing recommendations
* Partnership and close cooperation with the CAI organization

The issuing of the permit must be confirmed and accepted by the TOOREEN commission (notification in this case is sent to the e-mail or sms)

The desire to receive recommendations can be submitted via the website in the contact form or directly on the CAI website (alternative sources of applications:,

List of permits:

-> Issuing a recommendation code
-> Acceptance for given BCQ words
-> Obtaining selected information from the DBA database
-> Language translations
-> Implementation of the TAMD project
-> Access to coding solutions
-> Access to solutions, options, functions and algorithms
-> Access to J8
-> Partnership and cooperation with the CAI Organization
-> Access to selected resources
-> Access to RYYVERCER solutions
-> Access to SMR Standard solutions
-> Access to DEEHHEET solutions
-> Access to film related projects

Please be advised that we do not issue permits to public administration bodies.


  • Jeny K. G. Fortlan

    Creator of TAMD solutions.

  • Haneela Tohcon

    Press spokesperson on language matters.

  • Amy Lokmart

    Official Bench National translator.




Acceptance related to the Bench National language publication.