TAYCC License

TAYCC license

Copyright (copyright) 1999-2019 Atvhh Media Platform

License issued in the City of Los Angeles, CA by a protection entity (CAI) for all countries. Any country or company in a given country or another entity from a given country may use this license if it officially announces the use of this license on its products. The TAYCC license should be located with an annotation for copyright along with the year from which it will be effective for customers or users (usually it is a record on the footer of a document, product or website, for example: Copyright © 1999-2019 Company name. All Right Reserved. License TAYCC)


The license protects the rights of the owner of didactic materials disseminated in electronic form and all types of files against access by entities harming good economic development, which may expose to the creation of non-existent and unjustified claims against users as well as the CAI platform itself, partners and entities that use it.

Limited access to the materials is available to individual users who can be definitively removed from them when:

Invalid identity details were provided when registering.

Feedback marketing is used,

The user has prohibited connections with users covered by the DBA program

BAN is enabled for the specified region, country, city, town, state, province, state, district, district, territory, area, community, service, company or institution.

Public administration is involved in creating unnecessary, complicated obstacles that lead to the loss of financial liquidity of recommended service providers or entities, for example users and website owners.

There is a suspicion or justification of a particular person regarding the performance of activities not in line with the intention of the CAI platform.

A person is an employee of public administration, that is: police, state office, fire brigade, ambulance service.

Companies, enterprises, organizations, foundations, institutions, investors, and online internet websites that have the so-called recommendation, i.e. an entry in the Atvhh Media Platform global databases, and have not been blocked, have full access to the materials. The exception are state institutions and state companies that do not have access to materials and the ability to enter information about them into the global DBA databases.

Public benefit bodies in the event of proceedings regarding, inter alia, access to databases, archives and legally protected content, including confidential, must apply for authorization at: admin@atvhh.pl

Before asking the administrator to issue the appropriate permits, government authorities should first address their activities to the server manager for access to the site. We mention that important user materials are not kept on the server or stay on it for a short time, after which the administrator performs cyclic encoding of resources, transfer to the archive and deletion.

It is forbidden to copy didactic materials and files in full, it is not allowed to distribute fragments on your website, pass them on to third parties, demand money for providing materials to persons who are interested, delete copyright notices in file headers and footers if they exist.

If you have committed any of the prohibitions mentioned just now, it means that you do not respect someone else's work and you are committing a violation of copyright law, which may result in imprisonment for up to 3 years or a penalty in the course of legal proceedings.

You can copy files one at a time (not the entire library) for your own use, place materials on your phone, entirely on your website, maintaining a link to the page from which the materials were downloaded [and if it exists, you may not delete footnotes or specific copyright ], rename files, modify parts (fragments) of didactic text [it is not allowed to modify the entire text!].

The TAYCC license entitles the organizer to coordinate sharing of files with users on special terms.

This license says about the restriction not on access to the materials themselves, their parts or full versions, but about the way information is presented in less than a part of it.

All files, libraries, teaching materials are in fact disseminated in such a way as to disconnect certain parts of the materials without damaging the sense of the general, i.e. the user receives an incomplete set of information (from 80% to 90%). The missing part of the information coincides with the original and is placed in the Atvhh Media Platform archive to identify materials if the user commits an economic crime. The security is 100% effective because it shows who really spent the materials, year, company name, and adds missing footnotes that combine into a meaningful stream of information. Descriptions are structured so that the user does not realize that the materials downloaded by him are protected.

The TAYCC license enables the distribution of known software under GNU and GPL licenses in EC (Etetic Code) technology only to recommended users, companies, services, foundations, organizations, institutions, investors and enterprises.


The warranty on teaching materials and files of all kinds is not provided to individual users!

The guarantee under this license can only be used by recommended institutions, foundations, organizations, portals, companies, enterprises, investors, individuals.

Atvhh Media Platform reserves the right to write and expand this license.


  • Jeny K. G. Fortlan

    Creator of TAMD solutions.

  • Haneela Tohcon

    Press spokesperson on language matters.

  • Amy Lokmart

    Official Bench National translator.



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