TOOREEN Commission

International Language Commission TOOREEN Commission (tooreen-> publisher)

The TOOREEN Commission is the full official legislator of all rights in the area of the O-CAI Organization.

We officially normalize the Bench National language

Information on Bench National language normalization:

* The official Unit that standardizes all aspects of the Bench National language
-> TOOREEN Commision

* Supervision of Translation, Interpretation, Modification and publication of some translated resources
-> NTB [New Translate Bench]

* General promoter and owner of dependent brands and administrator (also related websites)
-> O-CAI organization

* Official Publication of the Bench National Dictionary (Amy Lokmart, Jeny K. G. Fortlan, Loo Koong Pay Shendo, Kaho Ckeedggov, Sarah Lokmart, Kamil S. Gadosky, Ggater McNilly, Anna Przybylska, Kamila Włodawa-Lińska, Leezon Cklot, El Weecart, Watankma Beylee, Coraline Stendford, Katherine Denview, Jessie Jeys, Jedy [Geydee] Chareecbonn, Keera Mogmart, Gyyla Wothbergg, Sheeyatee Loongg, Atlanted Merogod, Anta Cpedeez, Lola Martinez and others)


  • Jeny K. G. Fortlan

    Creator of TAMD solutions.

  • Haneela Tohcon

    Press spokesperson on language matters.

  • Amy Lokmart

    Official Bench National translator.




Acceptance related to the Bench National language publication.